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Taitung County Plice Bureau



Following Taiwan’s retrocession, the Taitung County Police Bureau took over the Police Affairs Section of Taitung Precinct after the Japanese Colonial Period, and renamed it the Police Affairs Section of Taitung County Government. It was not until 1947 that the Police Affairs Section of Taitung County was officially renamed Taitung County Police Bureau which is currently still in use.
As a first-level agency of Taitung County Government, Taitung County Police Bureau is under the command and supervision of the National Police Agency of the Ministry of Interior. The General-Director of the Bureau is mandated by the county magistrate to administer and command the county’s police, along with two deputy director-generals and one chief secretary, in promoting police tasks.
With 978 police personnel, Taitung County Police Bureau has thirteen sections:Crime Prevention and Correction Section, Inspectors’ Section, Public Order Section, Training Section, Secretariat Scetion, Public Relations Section, Logistics Section, Legal Affairs Section, Administration Section, Information Management Section, Public Security Section, Forensic Science Section and Foreign Affairs Section; three offices:Civil Service Ethics Office, Accounting Office and Personnel Office; two centers: Duty Command Center and Civil Defense Operations Center; and five direct subordinate corps/brigades including: Criminal Investigation Corps, Traffic Police Brigade, Special Police Brigade, Women and Children Protection Brigade, and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade.
In terms of field tasks, there are four precincts: Taitung Police Precinct, Guan-Shan Police Precinct, Cheng-Gong Police Precinct and Da-wu Police Precinct; 12 station offices, 63 police substations and 331 police service zones.
Taitung County Police Bureau is in charge of 16 city/township administrative zones (including Taitung City, Guanshan Township, Chenggong Township, Changbin Township, Haiduan Township, Chishang Township, Donghe Township, Luye Township, Yanping Township, Beinan Township, Jinfeng Township, Taimali Township, Dawu Township, Daren Township, Ludao Township, and Lanyu Township) throughout Taitung County, covering 3,515 km2 of area, where all police personnel of Taitung County Police Bureau have to carry out their public security protection tasks as mandated by law.
Taitung County Police Bureau has devoted its efforts to promoting its four major quality policies: to ensure the public enjoys a living environment free from fear, to ensure traffic safety and keep good traffic order, to satisfy the public with its value added services, and to continue to strive for innovation and excellence.