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Taitung County Plice Bureau


About Commissioner

Commissioner Chen Chin Kuen Commissioner Chen Chin Kuen

• BA, Department of Public Security, Central Police University, Taiwan
• MA, Department of Public Administration and Policy, National Taipei University, Taiwan

Work Experiences:
• Chief,Chief Secretariat,National Police Agency
• Chief,Public Security Division,National Police Agency
• Deputy Commissioner,Miaoli County Police Bureau
• Senior Inspector,Inspectors' Office,Taoyuan County Police Bureau
• Chief,Command and Control Center,Taoyuan County Police Bureau
• Chief,Public Security Section,Taoyuan County Police Bureau
• Commander,Special Police Corps,Taoyuan Police Department
• Director,Liouguei Precinct,Kaohsiung City Police Department
• Director,Qishan Precinct,Kaohsiung City Police Department
• Director,Nanzi Precinct,Kaohsiung City Police Department
• Director,Bade Police Precinct,Taoyuan Police Department
• Director,Zhongli Police Precinct,Taoyuan Police Department
• Chief,Civil Defense Office,National Police Agency