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Taitung County Plice Bureau


Tourist policing

Bike Stations and Camping Zones

Bike Stations and Camping Zones As a measure to promote tourist policing tasks, the Bureau offers the following camping zones and bike pumping stations for tourists’ convenience, with positive and significant results.

Camping Zone Locations
Camping Zone Locations Tel.
Beside the Dulan Police Station 089-531209
Beside the Duli Police Station 089-841290
Behind the Changbin Station Office 089-831034
Behind the Zhangyuan Police Station 089-881027

Regulations on the use of the camping zones:
1. Locations:
The police stations/station office offering camping zones include: Dulan Police Station, Duli Police Station, Changbin Station Office and Zhangyuan Police Station. The opening area of each camping zone is as stipulated by the respective police station/station office.
2. Opening hours:
The camping zones are open around the clock. However, Duli and Zhangyuan police stations work on on-duty basis, so those who plan to camp at these places should register before 10:00 PM.
3. Registration procedure:
Those who plan to camp at any of the camping zones should consult the information desk of the respective police station for relevant information before setting up a camp. After setting up the camp, fill out the “Camping Registration Book” at the information desk with the name of the responsible person along with the number of the accompanying campers, so as to maintain the quality of the camping zone.
4. Vehicle parking
Subject to the normal policing affairs, the police stations only provide the camping site, and do not offer parking spaces. Campers should park their vehicles at appropriate places on their own.
5. Other important notes:
(1) The camping zones are available for the public to use free of charge. The respective stations do not offer camping tools/utensils for rent. Campers must bring their own camping tools/utensils.
(2) The respective stations offer free drinking water. Please consult the respective police station as necessary. During the winter time, the stations will also provide hot water at the camping zones depending on the weather.
(3) If cooking is required, please cook over a high framed cooking stove. Direct cooking with fire on the ground is strictly prohibited.
(4) 10:00 PM– 08:00 AM is the silent period. No shouting or making loud noises during this period.
(5) Campers are responsible for their own personal safety. Be aware of poisonous snakes hiding in bushes.
(6) Hazardous items, such as firecrackers and fireworks, are strictly prohibited in the camping zones.
(7) Valuable items should be carried at all times.
(8) Please cherish the camping resources and the use of water and electricity. Stealing electricity from the illumination facility of the camping zone is strictly prohibited.
(9) All illegal activities and behaviors are prohibited in the camping site.
(10) Activities should be held in the specified space of the camping site, and campers should follow on-duty police’s instructions without interfering with other people’s interests. In case of violation of the camping site’s regulations and ignoring of on-duty police’s warning, the camper’s qualification to use the site will be cancelled.
(11) Please cherish public property. In case of damage to the camping site facilities, full price compensation will be imposed.
(12) If you have any questions, please consult the police on duty. Thank you for your cooperation.
6. Leaving the camp:
Campers should clean up the environment after activities and vacate the site for the next campers to enjoy a wonderful camping environment.
7. Remarks:
Other camping regulations may be published at respective camping site, as required.

Bike Stations
Bike Stations Tel. No. Available Facilities
Dulan Police Station 089-531209 Pumps, makeshift repair tools, bicycle racks
Duli Police Station 089-841290 Pumps, makeshift repair tools, bicycle racks
Ningpu Police Station 089-801257 Pumps, makeshift repair tools, bicycle racks
Zhangyuan Police Station 089-881027 Pumps, makeshift repair tools, bicycle racks
Meihe Police Station 089-512542 Pumps
Taimali Station Office 089-781134 Pumps
Jinlun Police Station 089-771086 Pumps
Duoliang Police Station 089-761368 Pumps
Dawu Police Station 089-791125 Pumps
Shangwu Police Station 089-791105 Pumps
Daren Police Station 089-702247 Pumps
Senyong Police Station 089-702297 Pumps
Chishang Check Post 089-862004 Pumps, water drinking machines
Ruifeng Police Station 089-811419 Pumps, water drinking machines
Luye Station Office 089-551114 Pumps, water drinking machines
Wenquan Police Station 089-512379 Pumps
Beinan Station Office 089-223820 Pumps