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Home Security

Reinforcement of Residence Patrol and Safety Maintenance when Residents are Away from Home
  • When you are planning to go away on holiday or taking a trip for some length of time, leaving no one or only the elderly at home, you may apply for reinforcement of residence patrol during the period by:
    1. Dialing 110 and registering through the Duty Command Center.
    2. Visiting your local police station or station office and filing an application in person, or registering by telephone.
    3. Applying online through the Bureau’s official website.
  • After the application is accepted by the police agency, the governing police station or station office will contact the applicant, examine the residence surroundings and set up a temporary patrol box (if there is none) at a proper location to include the surroundings in the patrol routes. The temporary patrol box will be recalled after the applicant returns home and signs off on the patrol book.
Residence Safety

“Burglary” is the most reported crime in Taiwan, and the distress caused by a home burglary can often be severe; other than the loss of a victim’s property, the feeling of privacy invasion and insecurity will become major concerns. Here are a few tips to help prevent burglaries.

  • Precautions against home burglary:
    1. Reinforce front and back door lock security.
    2. Maintain a habit of closing doors and windows.
    3. Check all windows.
    4. Make a list of valuable items.
    5. Make your residence look like someone is at home.
    6. Safeguard your keys to ensure door lock security.
    7. Keep the public lighting or crime reporting instrument in sound condition at all times; repair immediately if there is any damage.
    8. Maintain good interaction with your neighbors and promote a neighborhood watch to reduce the chance of burglary.
  • When going away from home for some time:
    1. Make sure all doors and windows are properly closed and locked before departure.
    2. Valuable items should have been listed and properly stored away.
    3. Ask a reliable neighbor, friend or relative to retrieve your mail, newspapers and advertising flyers from the mail box.
    4. Carry the door keys with you, or ask a reliable neighbor or friend or relative to keep them for you.
    5. Inform the neighborhood watcher, building guard or local police station to reinforce residence watch.
    6. Set a radio or light to automatically switch on during certain hours
    7. Turn the telephone ring volume down or switch it to mute.
    8. Leave a copy of your itinerary and contact number to a reliable neighbor, friend or relative.
  • Check when you return home:
    1. If there are signs of intrusion, check with your neighbors and call the police first. Wait for the police to arrive before entering the house.
    2. If there are signs of burglary, do not disturb the scene. Call the police ASAP.
    3. Check all door locks and windows first. Do not enter abruptly.
    4. The earlier you report, the better chance there is to solve the case.