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Taitung Police Precinct


Community Policing

The community “Peace Peak Conference”
The peace peak conference gathers community leaders, cadre members, chieftains, elders and the public to bring up priority local problems in the social order with ways to resolve them. Since community policing had been set into action, the conferences had reached some agreements among four meetings. These items and topics are as followings:
Conference one: May 17, 2002 Items:
1.To enhance execution of protecting women and children’s safety
2.To take care and have compression on senior citizens
3.To set up the aboriginal cultural relics exhibition area
4.To make up the police station to become tourist scenery
Conference two:Sep 8, 2002 Items:
1.To set up the reception and service area for the villagers
2.Compassionately set up a casual classroom to teach those who need help
3.To set up a traditional embroidery classroom
4.To set up the Rurax Protophyta Garden
Conference three: May 3, 2003 Items:
1.To promote Pai-wanese language teaching
2.To establish a team to patrol and guard Kim-Lun River’s
ecology n nConference four: Aug 15, 2003 nItems:
1.Tribal guard
2.The youth serving the community