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Taitung Police Precinct



  This Branch is located at the population center in central Taitung County, with an occupied area of about 582 square kilometers and a coastal line of 39 kilometers in total (for the island per se), consisting of Taitung City, Beinan Hsiang, Lu Dao Hsiang, and Lang Yu Hsiang, and accommodating a total of 137,443 residents (110,949 in Taitung City, 19,771 in Beinan Hsiang, 3,250 in Lu Dao Hsiang, and 3,473 in Lang Yu Hsiang). The jurisdiction subordinated to this Branch refers to the county jurisdiction in which the population is dense, the economy thrives and public security is complicated. In addition to lowland aboriginals and mountain aboriginals, the residents primarily originate from the southern part of Fukien Province and Guangdong Province. The transportation accessed by the jurisdiction externally consists of Huatung Line and South-Link Line of Taiwan Railway, and South Round Highway, Huatung Highway and Dong Cheng Highway, and the airlines heading for Taipei, Taichung, Lu Dao and Lang Yu, and the passenger liners sailing between Lu Dao and Lang Yu.
  The jurisdiction also covers Lu Dao and Lang Yu. Lu Dao Hsiang occupies an area of 15 square meters, accommodating 3250 residents, and has one police post and one police station. There are a total of 17 police officers on the island. The local residents primarily originate from the southern part of Fukien Province and make a living by fishing. Lang Yu Hsiang occupies an area of 45 square meters, accommodating 3144 persons, and has one police post and three police stations. There are a total of 23 police officers on the island. The local residents are Yami Tribe people primarily making a living by fishing. The police security is fair locally, but anti-nuclear movements took place occasionally in recent years.
  The Branch currently has 1st Subsection, 2nd Subsection, 3rd Subsection, 4th Subsection, 5th Subsection, 6th Subsection and 7th Subsection dedicated to administration, inspection, criminal investigation, household registration, public security, public order, transportation and mainland affairs, and also installs the duty command center, special assignment brigade and three police posts and sixteen police stations (however, in consideration of the inconvenient transportation, the ISO quality control system introduced by this Branch is suspended in the four stations in Lang Yu for the time being), including 159 duty regions, 14 criminal liability regions and 312 police officers. The public security, transportation and administrative authorities within the jurisdictions of various units are commanded by this Branch to enhance the control over intelligences and maintain the public security within the jurisdiction under cooperation between the police and civilians, and dedicated to patrol, inspection and raid action within the jurisdiction and planning the relevant programs to deal with various public security cases, e.g. expansion of raid actions, Shu Fong Program and Chun Fong Program, et al., for maintenance of fair public order.