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Taitung Police Precinct


This Branch originated from the Guang Ao Office initially incorporated by the Japanese in May of the 33rd Year of the Meiji Period (1900) which was reformed as the Guang Ao Branch Office in December of the 35th Year of the Meiji Period (1902). The Branch Office Director was assumed by the police officer and its jurisdiction covered Cheng Kung Hsiang, Dong He Hsiang and Chang Bin Hsiang. It installed Du Li Police Station and Ma Lao Lou Police Station in the Township. Cheng Guan, where the Branch Office was located, was directly under the jurisdiction of the Branch Office. The Branch Office staff were concurrently assumed by the police officers as the “Police Colonization Policy” was implemented then。

In the 9th year of the Dazhen Period (1920), Taiwan Governor-General, Den Kenjiro, implemented the state office system and, therefore, the police institution was transformed. The State Office installed a Police Department, County Police Section, district offices in critical regions under jurisdiction of the county, and police stations and posts within the jurisdiction. Further, there were five units under jurisdiction of the state, office and county, namely, police affairs, public security, higher police officer, policy for governing minorities and health departments, and the justice department added into the jurisdiction of the county. After the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War, the Taiwan Governor-General’s Office continued adding the economic police, war and air-defense departments in order to control various resources on the Island.

In October of 10th Year of Dazhen Period (1921), Ma Lao Lou was renamed as Singang. The Branch Office was relocated to Singang and renamed Singang Branch Office accordingly. Meanwhile, Ma Lao Lou Police Station was dissolved and directly under jurisdiction of the Branch Office. Police stations were also installed in Guang Ao.

In October of the 12th Year of the Zhaohe Period, the Singang Branch Office was reorganized as the Singang County Office and the general affairs and police sections were installed. The police stations remained directly under jurisdiction of the police section, and Du Li Police Station and Cheng Guang Ao Police Station were installed. Upon construction of Singang Harbor, Shui Shang Police Station was incorporated in the harbor zone.

At the beginning of Taiwan Restoration, the local police authorities took over the relevant affairs and also primarily engaged in maintaining the local order. This Branch was initially known as Singang District Police Office. In October 1949, the police office was dissolved, and reorganized as Singang Township Branch. Meanwhile, the direct jurisdiction was cancelled, and Xin Fong Police Station was reorganized. The Shui Shang Police Station incorporated in the age of Japanese Governance was renamed as Zhen Yang Police Station, but was dissolved in 1955.
After the martial law was declared ended in 1987, the National Security Act provided that the entry/exit of people should be managed by the police authorities. In order to perform the security check on the vessels (rafts), crew and cargo entering into/exiting from fishing ports, this Branch installed 11 police posts (stations) in the fishing ports. The police posts (stations) in the fishing ports under jurisdiction of this Branch included Siaokang Fishing Port Police Post (Station), Singang Fishing Port Police Post (Station), Shisang Fishing Port Police Post (Station), Bai Shou Lien Fishing Port Police Post (Station), and Jihuei Fishing Port Police Post (Station), et al. (taken over by Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan in June 1999).
The basic unit directly under jurisdiction of this Branch is the Xin Fong Police Station, and there are 11 police posts (stations) subordinated to this Branch from North Taiwan to South Taiwan include Du Lang Police Station, Dong He Police Post, Tai Yuan Police Station, Du Li Police Station, Zhongsiao Police Station, Ning Pu Police Post, Zhu hu Police Post, Chang bin Police Station , San Jian Police Station and Chang Yuan Police Station