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Taitung County Plice Bureau


Keep your personal credentials properly

You are reminded to keep your personal credentials properly! Do not give your personal information to strangers. Moreover, please protect your personal properties; the following are some items to be noted:

  1. Do not sign any document that has not been translated into your mother language or a document in which you are not in full understanding of its contents (for example, a promissory note or an acknowledgement of debt).
    ◎ Attention! You maybe liable for any promissory note, acknowledgement of debt, or any other document once your signature is affixed on the document.
  2. Do not place your passbook, debit card, seal, passport or resident permit and other personal properties in another individual’s possession.
    ◎ Attention! You may be robbed of your personal possession if you give your passbook, seal or debit card to someone else.
  3. Do not be trusted when asked to go to a bank to process loans.
    ◎ Attention! Once you process a bank loan you may be liable for such debt.
  4. Do not allow your employer to deduct any brokerage fees from your salary.
    ◎ Attention! Your responsible brokerage fees should be properly handled by yourself in order to prevent any disputes or overcharge.