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National Museum of Prehistory
The National Museum of Prehistory is the first archaeological museum in Taiwan. It was established due to the excavation of relics from the Beinan Culture. The two exhibition sites – the museum here and the Beinan Cultural Park at Beinan City – display the prehistoric cultural development of people in Taiwan.

Taitung Railway Art Village
The only remaining turntable rail tracks in Taiwan is preserved here in the Taitung Railway Art Village, a place that rail fans and photography fans should not miss. A 21 km long “Mountain-sea Cycle Track” starts here.

Taitung Forest Park, Seashore Park
The 280-hectare park feature a large beefwood forest with bike trails and slat trails. At the end of Datung Road is the Seashore Park with a sweeping gravel beach. You can ascend via a Greek-style stairway to the Baosang Pavilion at the Seashore Square where you will enjoy a perfect ocean view.

Day-lily Mountain
In summer, crowds of tourists come to the mountain blanketed with golden flowers during the “Day-lily Festival”. In winter there are apricot and peach blossoms while in spring the cherry trees and white lilies bloom.

Chulu Ranch
The Chulu Ranch is the largest hillside ranch in Taiwan. Visitors can experience the pastoral life on the maple trail, the open ranch farm, the forest paths, the grass surfing area and the cow farm.

Luye Gautai
The diverse landforms nestling against rivers give birth to the various agricultural products of Luye. Combining paragliding with its tea farms, the Luye Gautai is becoming a new resort.

Guanshan Water Park
Open to the public since 1999, Guanshan Water Park allows visitors to enjoy themselves by taking a stroll or cycling in its dynamic Area, Static Area and Lotus Ecological Pond, and enjoy activities.

Dapo Pond
As a rare natural island wetland in Taiwan, Dapo Pond is rich in natural resources. Pavilions and bird-watching area turn Dapo Pond into a beautiful eco-park.

Basian Cave
Basian Cave is the oldest prehistoric cultural site in Taiwan. There are dozens of caves formed by sea erosion. Visitors can hear the echo when waves hit the walls of Tidal Echo Cave, one of the most famous caves of Basian Cave.

Sansiantai used to be a narrow and elongated cape that stretched into ocean. The neck of the cape was later eroded by the tides and the rest of the cape became an islet. There is also a famous eight arches cross ocean bridge, which is a great place to watch sunrise at the far end of Pacific Ocean.

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