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*Subject Be careful when job hunting to avoid becoming a dummy
*Issues the date 2018/04/03
*Issues the Unit Foreign Affairs Section
*Rate: 982
Recently, fraud rings are using citizens’ need for money or change jobs to trick them into believing messages posted on social media or websites. After adding the Line ID on a website, they will ask citizens to mail their bank book, debit card, or provide their account number. The purpose for collecting bank books and debit cards is to use citizens as dummy accounts to transfer money they defrauded from others into the dummy account, and then withdraw the money from ATMs. Citizens don’t realize that they caused others to be defrauded by turning over their account until their account is flagged, falling into the job hunting trap set by fraud rings.
Taitung County Police Bureau calls on citizens to fully understand if their job hunting or loan process is legal, if the company has a detailed introduction, or visit the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to check if it has a business registration. Citizens should be alerted if they meet in a public place or the recruiter does not have a company card, address or telephone number. If citizens already handed their account to a fraud ring, immediately go to the bank and settle the account they handed over to the fraud ring to prevent the account from being misused.
Generally speaking, a normal company will not ask people to provide their bank book and debit card. If you see or hear the requests above, it is 100% fraud! Please be alert and do not make yourself a dummy account!
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