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*Subject Do not friend these LINE IDs no matter what
*Issues the date 2018/01/23
*Issues the Unit Foreign Affairs Section
*Rate: 680
Are you still friending the LINE IDs of strangers for shopping? 165 Anti-fraud Hotline warns you not to friend or buy things from specific LINE IDs
According to statistics of the 165 Anti-fraud Hotline, 956 citizens were defrauded by 65 LINE IDs between October this year (2017) to last week (December 10th). Each victim lost between NT$5,000 and NT$30,000. The criminals first stole the Facebook account of others, and then used the Facebook accounts to post the message: “Grand opening of a friend’s mobile phone shop, limited discounts for iPhone, please friend LINE: a09XXX for details.” Many citizens unsuspectingly friended the LINE ID of the “stranger (criminal)” after seeing the message on their friend’s Facebook account. After friending each other, the criminal will tell citizens that the mobile phone discount was only available for a limited time, and if they did not immediately complete payment, the opportunity will be given to the next person in line. Many citizens immediately transferred the money afraid that they will lose out on the opportunity, and after sending a photo of the receipt to the criminal, the criminal will tell them that their iPhone will be immediately delivered. After waiting several days with high expectations, the victims still did not receive their product, and received no response from the criminal when they called or sent a message on LINE. They had long been blocked by this “friend.”
To prevent even more citizens from being defrauded, the Criminal Investigation Bureau announced the 65 LINE IDs “do not friend no matter what” on the 165 official website, 165 anti-fraud APP, 165 Facebook fan page, and 165 anti-fraud LINE group, which is updated on a daily basis. This way citizens can immediately learn which LINE IDs are fraud accounts selling mobile phones. If citizens discover a fraud LINE ID that is selling mobile phones, please report to the 165 Anti-fraud Hotline as soon as possible.
Taitung County Police Bureau calls on citizens to not rush into friending the LINE ID when they see a Facebook friend post a message about a mobile phone discount. Stay aware and verify if the LINE ID is among the fraud LINE IDs that were announced. Taitung County Police Bureau reminds citizens to avoid making transactions on communications software when shopping online, and choose a store with a complete customer service system to protect their rights and interests when shopping.
165 official website:
165 Facebook fan page:
165 APP:
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